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The Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions free essay sample

On November 2, 1870 a powerful democratic brotherhood of creative persons independent of the Academy of Arts came into being. It was called the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions formed on the enterprise of Myasoedov, Perov, Kramskoi and Gay. Its first exhibition was held on the 29 of November 1871 in St.Petersburg and came to Moscow on the 18 of April 1872. It was a enormous success. Such celebrated presents pictures as Rooks Have Come by Savrasov, Peter the Great Interrogating His Son by Gay, Hunters at Rest by Perov were on show. They turned out to be chef-doeuvres. The Society of Traveling Art Exhibitions existed till 1923. the well-known author Saltikov-Shchedrin wrote a book about the members of the society. It was a alone organisation, it brought together a great figure of first-class Masterss who subsequently made up the majority of the Russian school of art. The exhibitions were held in such metropoliss of Russia as Riga, Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa. We will write a custom essay sample on The Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They were connected by the railroad. From 1871 boulder clay 1923 there were 48 going exhibitions all in all. The active members of the Society were Pry-anishnikov, Savitsky, Repin, Surikov, Shishkin, Makovsky, Savrasov, Kuinji, Polenov, Yaroshenko, Serov, Victor Vasnetsov, Levitan and some others. Their influence on Russian Society was great. It was a turning point in Russian civilization. It was an art of critical pragmatism exposing the contradictions of the society. Repin is an high representative of realistic art. He was attracted to the truth of life. He believed in the bright hereafter of the people. Shishkin s importance in the history of painting prevarications in the fact that along with Savrasov he was the first to contend for the creative activity of a national Russian landscape. Levitan continued and developed the traditions of his predecessors: Venet-sianov, Vasiljev, Polenov, Shishkin, Savrasov. The celebrated Surikov ranks among the greatest of Russian historical painters. Surikov s illustriousness lies in the fact that he is the painter of the people. The genre images are encyclopaedia of life.

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Using Sample Cover Letters For Scholarship Essay

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